All I see is red!Intensive colors stand for healthy growth, rewarding the onlooker. An example by Tobias Coring.
Wellnessfor waterplantsIndividual nutrient supply made easy — for beginners and pros. That’s Aqua Rebell.
Nature in yourliving roomA recreational area in your own four walls. Andreas Ruppert shows how to.
Harmony81 liters full of natural freshness and serenity. Annika Reinke shows her skills.
CO2? Check!Growth? Check!With the Aqua Rebell CO2 permanent test solution, everything is in the green. Goodbye pH controller, we sure had a good time!
MoreenduranceThe fertilizers from Aqua Rebell are available in different pack sizes: 500 ml, 1,000 ml, and 5 litres. Size does matter, after all.