Makro Basic - Estimative Index

In a strongly lit well-planted tank or in aquariums with few fish a lack of macronutrients may occur, which in turn can lead to poor plant growth. Makro Basic Estimative Index adds the most important macronutrients of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium to your tank. Your plants can draw on plentiful resources again and will thank you with lush growth.

A 50% water change per week is obligatory in order to prevent macronutrients from accumulating in the tank. The fertilizer dosage may be raised or lowered according to the requirements of your tank. Please make sure that there is a sufficient supply of CO2 of about 30 mg/l, and add 0.5–1 ml of Mikro Basic Eisenvolldünger or Micro Special Flowgrow per 40 litres of tank water per day in order to provide your plants with sufficient amounts of micronutrients.

Comes in packages with a volume of 500 ml, 1,000 ml and 5 litres.

1 ml Makro Basic Estimative Index per 40 l of tank water adds the following nutrients:
NO30.92 mg/l
PO40.17 mg/l
K0.70 mg/l
Mg0.025 mg/l

The basic supply of macronutrients in a tank is provided either by our NPK fertilizer, our Estimative Index fertilizer or by our single-nutrient fertilizers (Makro Basic Nitrat, Phosphat and Kalium/potassium). Our waterplant fertilizer Aqua Rebell Makro Basic Estimative Index adds nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and magnesium and thus covers all essential macronutrients, providing your plants with the prerequsites for lush growth. This fertilizer is based on the fertilizing system of the same name and has been designed to supply your waterplants with all the nutrients they need.

Dosage per 40 litres
Lots of light (≥0.5 Watt per litre) + CO25 ml per day
Little light (<0.5 Watt per litre) + CO20.5–2 ml per day
No CO2 supply1–2 ml per week
This dosage suggestion is just a guideline. The dosage may have to be raised or lowered depending on the conditions in your tank in order to give you good results.

When using this fertilizer, please keep in mind that besides NPK, also a good micronutrient fertilizer is required (complete iron fertilizer):