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Tobias Coring and Aquascaping

Tobias Coring is the founder of Aqua Rebell and a passionate aquascaper himself. He wants the products of Aqua Rebell to provide aquatic plants with the best possible nutrient supply. A hobbyist himself, he is intimately acquainted with the requirements of aquascaping enthusiasts, which is proved by the ample product range of Aqua Rebell.

In 2006, Tobias laid the foundation for the aquascaping scene in Germany by founding Flowgrow, the community for planted tank keepers and aquascapers. He just loves the creative aspects and the many facettes of this hobby.

The Aqua Rebell team asked Tobias why he developed the fertilizer brand of Aqua Rebell.

“There was this incredible demand for optmised fertilizers that allowed for the technical development in aquaristics. Especially the aquascapers could not find any products that covered any and all possible events, and at the same time there was an utter lack of simple fertilizing systems with products that were also suitable for beginning hobbyists. ”

“Treibholz & Pflanzen” 120×60×50 cm

This attractive driftwood layout is primarily dominated by Java fern “Taiwan”. Elatine hydropiper forms a nice carpet in the foreground, and Staurogyne repens as well as Hydrocotyle sp. “Japan” in the middle ground round off this part of the layout. Rotala sp. ‘Green’ fills out the right back corner, enriched by colourful Ludwigia brevipes. On the left side in the back, Proserpinaca palustris balances the Ludwigia brevipes patch in order to give the layout a certain equilibrium.

“Ein bisschen Iwagumi” 120×45×45 cm

This aquascape was originally planned as a “pure” Iwagumi, however, this composition lacks the sense of calmness so characteristic for this style. Many more waterplant species than originally intended have found their way into this scape. Anyway, the layout is very attractive, with its especially impressive Seriyu stones and lush green colours.

“Wasserpflanzen Passion” 120×45×45 cm

This layout is an expression of its creator’s love for aquatic plants. No predominant hardscape can divert the onlooker from the beauty of these plants, and it was designed for giving some rarities a place to grow and to display their special characteristics. Finally, a very colourful waterplant tank has come into being, which changes dynamically and is always the first place where new interesting aquatic plant species find a new home.

“Sonnenuntergang” 60×30×30 cm

This aquascape was created a longer time ago. Here we experimented with different fertilizers, and in addition we tried to create a special atmosphere with a new kind of background lighting. Glossostigma elatinoides was used as ground cover — which it filled in only four weeks. Rotala sp. ‘Green’, is in the background at the left, besides Rotala macrandra and Ludwigia brevipes. Ferns and mosses round off the layout.

“Red Rocks” 100×40×40 cm

This is also an earlier layout, realised with lots of petrified wood and red bogwood. Ferns, Glossostigma and Staurogyne repens surround them.

“Moss rocks…” 60×40×40 cm

In the smaller showroom tank of Aqua Rebell, primarily basaltic rocks and driftwood are used. It has been planted with Staurogyne repens, Blyxa japonica and Rotala sp. “Colorata” in the background. The middleground features mainly mosses and ferns, and the foreground has been planted with Elatine hydropiper.