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Timo Wünsche and Aquascaping

Timo Wuensche likes creating nano aquascapes that give a sense of vastness even despite their small dimensions and invite the onlooker to go exploring. There is a lot of detail in his nano tank layout designs, and his waterplants are incredibly vigorous.

The Aqua Rebell team interviewed Timo, asking him how he got to know about the fertilizers by Aqua Rebell.

“I switched to Aqua Rebell because these fertilizers are really favourably priced, because they are very well explained at www.flowgrow.de and there is a fertilizer for every circumstance.”

“Pebbly Water” 30×30×20 cm

This nano aquascape has a stunning hardscape only surrounded by some Eleocharis and Marsilea. The sandy area in the foreground contrasts very nicely against the planted zones in this aquascape.

“Contest 2010” 30×30×20 cm

The aquascape “Pebbly Water” was modelled on, still opulently and colourfully planted, and with a very harmonious feeling. The deep greens in the background round off the picture. This tank looks a lot larger than just 18 litres.

“Sungreen” 30×30×20 cm

“Sungreen” is a green nano dream, featuring lots of Utricularia graminifolia. Some ferns and Rotala rotundifolia liven up the green hill. Unobtrusive dragon stones are the foundation for this beautiful nano tank.