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Drop by at our community for waterplant enthusiasts. Here you will get many valuable hints and tips for aquascaping as well as for fertilization and the general keeping of waterplants.

The Middle Ground of an Aquascape

There are no fixed rules for the middle ground, however, ideally it blends in with the fore- and background. You can create decorate it with various plants and rocks or driftwood, which can be freely chosen in accordance with your overall layout.

The middle ground is an important area in an aquascape, the transitional zone from fore- to background. With this zone, we create a connection between the fore- and the background, in tune with the overall layout design. The middle ground is a great place to create contrasts and focal points — the gist of layouting takes place here. Rare plants and an eyecatching hardscape are well-situated here. Choose your focal points wisely in order to lead the onlooker’s eye along your design, avoid disharmonies and unruliness.