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Marcel Dykierek and Aquascaping

Marcel Dykierek is a passionate aquascaper, always working on his projects with 100% dedication, striving for perfection. Marcel has already had big success, and his new projects are very innovative. He realises his layout ideas with lots of love for detail.

The Aqua Rebell team interviewed Marcel, asking him how he got to know about the fertilizers by Aqua Rebell.

“Through tank presentations at www.flowgrow.de.”

We were of course also interested in learning if Lennart keeps using Aqua Rebell fertilizers.

“Sure, because they have exactly those effects in my tanks that I expect a good fertilizer to have. ”

“Anyplace … Anytime” 1st Place - ASE Contest 2010 - Standard

The winning tank in the “Aquatic Scapers Europe Contest 2010” is distinguished by its manifold shades of green. The fore- and the middle ground merge in pure harmony and fade out into the back. In the front, the ground is covered by Glossostigma elatinoides livened up by Helanthium tenellum “parvulum”. Microsorum pteropus “Short Narrow Leaf” makes the transition to the middle ground and is rounded off by Helanthium bolivianum. Juncus repens brings a splash of colour to the background of this tank. More variants of Java fern and some Vallisneria nana round off the picture. All in all a highly impressive tank whose plants are just glowing with health.

“Green Rising” 1st Place - The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2010 - XL

This aquascape uses the same plants as “Anyplace … Anytime”, whose plant layout was disassembled very carefully so the plants could be re-used for the live aquascaping contest “The Art of the Planted Aquarium”. Quite naturally, this gives both layouts certain likeness. Transporting the freshly uprooted plants safely to Hannover was an artistic act in itself, not considering replanting them into a tank. The placement of driftwood and plants was perfect, and this aquascape surpassed all the other tanks in the contest. It merits the first prize for an incredible-looking underwater dream.

“Eternal Unity” 1st Place - ASE Contest 2009 - Nano

This highly attractive nano tank won first place in the nano category of “Aquatic Scapers Europe - International Aquascaping Contest” in 2009. Decorating this tank form is always quite difficult. Marcel did his utmost and created a stunning little aquascape. Driftwood and rocks are beautifully placed, and the plant choice is very fitting. Helanthium tenellum and Staurogyne repens are used in the fore- and middle ground. Hemianthus callitrichoides “Cuba” flows from the middle to the foreground and can even be seen in one of the crevices in the wood in the background. A small bush of Rotala rotundifolia protrudes into the tank from between two pieces of wood, rounding off the layout. This nano tank looks far larger than its actual size.

“St. Elmo’s” 3rd Place - The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2011 - XL

This layout was also set up during the live aquascaping contest “The Art of the Planted Aquarium” in Hannover. The layout had already been realised in Marcel‘s living room a few months before, in a tank with the dimensions 120x50x50 cm. However, the standardised XL tanks of “The Art of the Planted Aquarium” are only 100x50x50 cm, and transferring the layout to the new smaller size was quite difficult. The jury liked the healthy plants and the brilliant hardscape. Especially the attention he pays to even the smallest detail is characteristic for Marcel’s personal style. An absolute head-turner!