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Driftwood in an Aquascape

Using driftwood, we can create a really attractive aquascape. The huge array of differend kinds of wood in the trade gives us many forms and even colours to choose from. Depending on the layout, the right type of wood should be selected. Often you may not find the ideal piece for your setup, then a saw can help you make several smaller ones from one large piece of driftwood. If there are only smaller pieces available you can put them together with cable binders, thus forming a bigger piece. The combination of different pieces gives us many possibilities to create a good layout.

A large piece of driftwood will always draw attention and dominate your design. Then it is upon the aquascaper to harmoniusly integrate it into the layout. By binding mosses and epiphytes like Anubias or ferns to the wood you can create a smoother transition from the green of the tank to the dominant colours of the wood. Of course, a piece of wood is a very effective focal point in a layout. Ramified branches or thick boughs bring a great variety into your design. Any driftwood ought to be soaked separately before it goes into a tank. Other than that you might find your large driftwood destroying your carefully crafted aquascape because it starts floating once the water is filled in.